Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of December
You will find yourself worried due to some adverse circumstances. Your abundant talent will help you to come out from the situation. Even your hard work may not yield any good results in this month. Some guests may arrive at your home and may get angry with your some action, but your family members will co-operate you fully and respect your sentiments. Business and professional matters will be resolved effort less with your old mastery and expertise. Financially your position may not be good and you may be forced to take some loan for your running works. You will be praised in your social circle for your good deeds. You will enjoy all sort of comfort. Your all pending work will be completed in this month because the conditions may take a favorable turn in the mid of this month. Your confidence and energy level is at the high and you will do your work with much enthusiasm. You may develop some new contacts for your profession. Your health needs concern because of over burden of work. Altercation with your life partner is also possible. Mentally you may not get any relief in this month. In the last week of this month you may receive huge money inflow which will thicken your bank balance. If working as a professional, you will find good progress this month and progress will be quite good in this month.

Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of January
You will shine with true confidence and self esteem in this month. Your clarity of vision in personal relationships and business will improve your status high in the society. You will get a boost in your business/profession. Someone from abroad or from some far place will come to you who will be helpful in your profession. You may receive some good news related to your professional enhancement. Your salary hike request may be considered sympathetically if you are in service. You will get success in whatsoever you do is assured in this month. You are very ambitious person but take decision after think it twice. You will be pleasant to see the thing moving in the desired direction and you may get mental satisfaction. Your bank balance will enhanced by the good money inflow. You will travel abroad and make some new contacts which shall be fruitful. You will not stay behind due to lack of funds in your business. Beware while on the road as distance journey will be harmful for you, or you may met with an accident. You will be busy in religious activities. Some ort of untoward event may hamper your mental peace. You have to be in limits while you are with your beloved ones. You may suffer with eye disease or migraine during this period. Eat balanced diet and avoid overeating. Students will pass their time in sports. A new vehicle is likely to be purchased by some natives in this month. The loaned out money may be recovered easily in this month. A business or pleasure trip is on the cards in this month.

Monthly zodiac predictions for the Month of Feburary
Your prestige will be satisfactory and you will be able to succeed further. Economically your position will be satisfactory and will improve further. Your opponents and enemies won