Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 17 March
Your romantic feelings will be reciprocated in the same manner by the one you love. You will get honor and fame in the society and at your workplace in this week. Journeys carried out in this week will prove to be rewarding. There are chances of promotion in your profession. You will be praised in the society and in your near ones. But at the weekend extra care is required for your health. Atmosphere at home may not be hormonal. Your mother

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 24 March
Always think positive. You will spend money on show off, and remain busy in family related matters. You have to make some serious efforts to get the desired results. Your honor will get boosted up and some new prospectus related to your profession may develop. Do not over indulge in other matters. You do not involve in any confrontations, as you may lose your temper, resulting in your health may deteriorated. Give priority to your work and complete your family responsibility. You may go on a business tour. Beware from your hidden enemies as they may hatch a conspiracy to trap you in legal cases. You will have to wait for enhancement in business and for promotion in service.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 31 March
Beware from strangers and do not rely or over indulge with anyone. Your held up projects will be completed in this week. You will get financially strong in this week. You may be satisfied to see the things are moving in your desired direction. You will get money through journeys made in relation to your profession. Your expenditure will be at the high. Over expenditures may give you tensions, though all your efforts towards money realization will be successful in this week. You will have to spent more money for your family