Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 5 August
Some sort of unpleasant event may happen with you in the beginning of this week. Negative thoughts will develop in your mind. Differences will develop between you and your life partner. Your family disputes will be at the high, which leads to loneliness. You may have to take loan from somewhere else. You may want to participate in the charity, but due to lack of money is always ahead. Activities of youngsters will increase. Some new contacts will develop with influential people. Be careful when going on journeys.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 12 August
Starting of this week is very favorable for you. You will enjoy your life with full colors through the beginning of this week. You will be happy to see the things moving in your desired direction and you will be satisfied with that. Some of your near one may feel jealousy from you and may try to trap you. You will have good money inflow and your bank balance will increase. You will spend money on show off, and remain busy in family related matters. Your all effort related to money realization will be successful. Whatever you wish to do is assured to be completed with great success. But some time you may feel tense. Your health will be normal and you may involve in romance with your beloved one.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 19 August
Students may get the desired results in this week. You will get full cooperation from your friends and colleagues in your business/profession. But be alert from your hidden enemies as they may try to dupe you. This week you will be fully energized to take any challenges. You may meet your beloved one in this week. You may invent something new in your business.