Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 13 January
You will be upset in the beginning of this week due to your own mistakes. Financial crunches may disturb you in this week. You have to work very hard to get money inflow thick. New opportunities may be fully availed and make every effort to get it done on time. Your old projects which were held up in the past will revive now. Leave your arrogant behavior to get success. Some false charges may be leveled upon you in this week, so be careful. You may get some help from your old friends/ contacts. Do no drive your vehicle carelessly as some minor accidents is there on the cards.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 20 January
You will find yourself in dilemma as what to do or how to settle the disputes in this week. Your health will be deteriorated due to long journeys. Be careful about your expenses. Do not take decision at your own. Do take advice from some one to complete your projects. You may be promoted by your own endeavor. Some guests may arrive at your home in this week. You will enjoy reading of good books on religious matter. You may receive good news at the end of the week.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 27 January
You will get only mixed results in this month. In the first week of this month you may be involve in some love affairs or romance. There is a tough time for you especially for your health as you are undergoing the ill effect of Sade-Sati. Financially you are good and may get benefits from speculations. You may buy something new for your house. You may get injured, so be careful while on the road or at the home. Some sort of false charges may be made upon you at your work place, which may lead to mental tensions. Honesty and respect of elders may be fruitful. Give your full attention to your family life if you are married, to avoid separation from your life partner. Routine work may take your all time. You may receive some good news. At the end of the month you may go to some religious place for pilgrimage. Some guest may come to your home and keep you busy. You will be praised by your opponents also.