Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 8 July
If you act intelligently than you will earn huge profits in this week. Your friends and colleagues will extend their full co-operation to revive your old pending projects and will be completed in time. You may get good money from everywhere. You may hear some pleasant news. You may be get benefited from foreign land. Do not take any decision in hurry otherwise you may be trapped in that and may get insulted. You may be busy in your social circle. Your long awaited wishes will be fulfilled in this week. You may get govt. help to complete your projects. This week is quite favorable for you.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 15 July
Keep your emotions under control. You will be able to generate money from everywhere. Keep a sharp eye on your running projects to make them complete on time. Some new contacts may develop with influential person which may benefit you in future. You will get fame from your social circle and get success in every task initiated by you in this week. This week your health requires a little care, don

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 22 July
New opportunities will be realized and success in any work is not sure if hard work and sincere efforts will not be made in this week. You will achieve good money nowadays by your hard work. Your hard work will be duly rewarded. Journeys made during this phase shall prove to be quite rewarding. Some new contacts will develop which shall proved to be beneficial in the near future. Do not involve in others matters. Youngsters will think twice before proposing to your loved ones, as there are chances of one side love. Try to make harmony among your family members. Your health may require utmost care in this week.