Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 16 September
This week is not very favorable for you, as you may involve in confrontations and fights all over the week. Your opponents and hidden enemies may try to hamper your interests. You may achieve new heights in your business. Do not be egoistic, as it may damage your own interest, but you will be able to take care of your opponents. You will be able to complete all your tasks well before in time, which will prove to be fruitful in the near future. All sorts of disputes may be resolved with the intervention of some influential person. Good money inflow is also seen. You have to take care of the sentiments of your children. You may do whatsoever you want to do as success is sure.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 23 September
This week is very much favorable for you. You will enjoy your life with full colors through the beginning of this week. Students will get success in examinations and competitions. You may earn money more than your expectations by adopting new techniques at your work place. You may buy something new for your home or you may buy a new vehicle for your own use. Your pending projects/work will get momentum by your hard work. Your seniors will praise your work. Your children will remain your obedient. Your career related plans will get momentum in this week.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 30 September
Time is little adverse as obstructions will stop your path of success in the beginning of this week. You may incur huge financial losses during his week. You need not to worry about your enemies as they are not able to make any dent in your ongoing projects. Journeys related to business will prove to be very rewarding, and your held up projects will start functioning in this week. Landed money will be recovered. Health of your spouse will require attention and may incur some expenses. You will be able to make money from every source. All your held up projects will revive in this week.